4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Health Care Plan

Being healthy is everyone’s dream and being such will further fuel one’s goals and mission in life confidently. Longer life means a fulfilled life. Being healthy also enhances one’s current and future level of state of well being and will lessen the chances of getting a serious illness and sickness. Eating nutritious foods, exercises, positive mindset either spiritual or mental/emotional is not enough for us to secure a future but having necessary health care and insurance plans will set us far more hopeful than others.

In a recent survey conducted by the previous government in PNOY “Universal Health Care for All The Filipinos,” most Filipino families do not have a healthcare plan and access to adequate healthcare services. Most of the time, Filipinos would ask for help from other relatives and some would go to charitable institutions to cover a part of the expenses when hospitalized. In these scenarios, many people only realize the importance of health care until they need it.

If you or a relative or a friend experience these scenarios or being asked for some money then this article is for you. Read on.

1. Health Care Plan is Like an Auto Insurance

We all know that auto insurance is a service we pay annually to protect our cars as well as the persons riding on it while we are traveling. This insurance is like an airbag in a car, installed and inflated immediately once we hit a collision. The same principle can be applied to health care. The health care plan is a service we can pay in a span of several years, depending on our need, to protect us when a certain illness strikes us. The health care plan is there for the unpredictable and totally uncontrollable problems that come up in our lives.

2. Health Care Plan is our Confidence Builder

We can be healthy now, but when a sudden or serious sickness (cancer, heart attack, stroke) or a traumatic event (car accidents) can leave us worrisome not only with the condition of our bodies or our relative or friend but also with the medical bills. We can see that some decide not to proceed in a certain procedure because they always think of the medical expenses they will accumulate than their loved one’s condition. I guess that many would relate to this, we ask doctors for other options so that our funds can meet the demands of the procedure. Health Care Plan is a confidence builder because some procedures and medical bills are shouldered according to the plans’ coverage. This will assure us that proper medical procedures can be done and will shorten the probability of longer stays and faster recovery.

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3. Health Care Plan is our Motivation to be Healthy

Having a health care plan gives us an avenue to be in shape and improve our health. Most of the care plans have great offers to keep our health in high regard (free laboratories, lower consultation fee, faster transactions, etc) Health care plans have a wide array of affiliates of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, doctors, and other specialists and services that we can visit. By visiting the affiliates, we will have some precautions or any preparations for our state of being. Remember the old saying “Prevention is better than cure.”

4. Health Care Plan is our “Other” Money Investment

Confused? Let me tell you this. Some health care plans provide investment part. In other countries, health insurance or health care providers offer another way to intensify the importance of the plans. They offer Health Care with mutual funds or insurance. While we are accumulating or fulfilling our care plans, some providers diversify the investment to other means (e.g. stock market, mutual funds, bonds, etc., (Check out other articles here in our blog)) that will add more value to our plans in the future. Our country is in the transition to adapting this kind of plan. And luckily, we have it here in our country, strong and steady.

We should really know the importance of preparing our future while we can.

While we are strong enough we should start building our securities. These are in forms of insurances, healthcare plans (long-term and short-term), savings, money-generating machines, etc.

Hope these points help you realize the importance of healthcare.

Be well! and remember always HEALTH IS WEALTH.

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